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Delivering the essence of natural sweetness and purity, one crystal at a time. At California Cane Sugar Inc., our tradition of quality is the foundation of every product we share with the world.

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We Are Pioneers in Premium Cane Sugar Production

Leading with Quality and Innovation in Sugar Manufacturing

Our Vision

To craft a sweeter future through sustainable practices and unmatched quality in cane sugar production.

From our plantation to your pantry, we guarantee that our sugar is the purest, ethically sourced with over ten years of expertise. Experience the exceptional sweetness and pristine quality that only comes from a dedicated sugar mill like ours.

Commitment to Excellence

At California Cane Sugar, we are not just a supplier but the origin of sweetness itself. With over a decade of dedication to quality and service, we pride ourselves on being the primary source of the finest cane sugar available. Our mill, located in the heart of California, processes sugar cane directly, ensuring that each crystal of sugar is a reflection of our commitment to purity and quality.




Exceptional Quality

At California Cane Sugar Inc., we believe that the key to our customers' satisfaction is the exceptional quality of our products. Our California cane sugar is a staple of purity that enriches lives with natural sweetness.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection in the sugar industry ensures that every crystal we deliver contributes to the success and loyalty of our clients' businesses.



Customized Sugar Solutions

We provide tailored sugar solutions that are transforming how industries utilize sweeteners. By grasping the unique needs of our clients, we secure a significant advantage in the market.

Customization is not just an option—it is essential. Delivering a specialized sweetness experience demands detailed attention and precise quality control.


California Cane Sugar

Premier Quality
Savor the natural sweetness of our carefully cultivated sugar, a staple of excellence in every pantry.
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Crafted with Precision

From the lush fields to your facility, our process is meticulous at every step. Our experts ensure that every crystal of California Cane Sugar Inc cane sugar meets the pinnacle of quality and purity. Trust in our process to deliver excellence.

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Explore the rich heritage and exceptional quality of California Cane Sugar Inc. Our dedication to excellence shines through our California Cane Sugar Inc brand, offering superior sweetness and purity.

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16821 Knott Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638

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